Friday, 18 April 2014

Our First Easter Egg Hunt

2 years old. The perfect age for her first Easter Egg hunt.
I had been planning on doing one just for her but when a couple of friends expressed an interest in doing one for their toddlers too, we decided to combine forces.

I purchased a large number of plastic eggs from eBay and filled them with a mixture of Milkybar buttons, Dolly Mixtures and a few small plastic toys.
Not too many sweets in each egg, just enough to keep their interest up.

On the day, while C was down for her lunchtime nap, I hurried off into the garden with my filled eggs.
Now came the next challenge....
How to make them obvious enough that they could be found but again not too easy that it would all be over too quickly?

I pottered round the garden, placing eggs at identifiable markers like the base of a tree, the bottom of the slide, under the swing seat.  Then dotted a few more around the perimeter of the garden.
Standing back, they seemed to be placed quite well... not too visible from afar but reasonably obvious once you were close up.

Each child had 8 eggs of a specific colour to find.  I had no idea if that would be the right number.  I didn't want the hunt over too quickly but I knew if there were too many eggs they would lose interest before they were all found.  I hoped by assigning each child a colour, it would draw the process out slightly longer as they couldn't just pocket the first 8 eggs they came across.  It also gave the activity an education slant and provided a discussion point upon each egg find.

Each child was given a bucket and we were off on our way...
I guided C to the first egg of our colour and explained that this was what we were looking for.
We opened it up and C was delighted to find the goodies inside.
Now that she grasped the idea we set off in search of some more.
We saw eggs of different colours and discussed whether they were the colour eggs we were looking for or not.
If they were not, then we put them back.
If they were, then we opened them to see what was inside before placing them in the bucket.

It probably only took 15 minutes to find all the eggs and to be honest I think that was about right.
Reassuringly all the little ones seemed to have a wonderful time

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing and soaking up the Spring sunshine.
What a beautiful day for our first Easter egg hunt!

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