Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Losing The Babyweight - The Plan

Last week I wrote about the problems with trying to lose the baby weight while looking after 2 young children.
Writing that post was actually really helpful in getting me to pinpoint exactly what the main issues were for me personally.

Childcare, energy and motivation were the biggest issues.

I identified that my energy levels are at there highest mid morning and mid afternoon therefore it would make sense to make use of this time on any day that DH is around.  These days it would be best to leave the house and do some high intensity cardio, either a run, swim or the gym.  No doubt there will be some resistance from him but I think I need to be selfish about this.

On days when he is not around then there is no reason why I cannot do some abs work at home.  I have a variety of weights already in the house I can utilise.  This requires less energy and is easier to fit in around naps.

Once I (and DH) am in the routine of doing this, I can see this as being totally doable.

I have signed myself up for a virtual 5k run at the end of May to give me the motivation to have something to work towards.  I think it will be a tough ask to be able to get into any kind of shape by then but I am hoping a tough incentive is what will get me moving!

Eating well is more difficult.

I think I probably need to give in to when my body wants to eat meals rather than snacking to keep myself going until the children are in bed.  This means having lunch at 11:30am and dinner at 4:30/5pm.  Having meals with C awake if I am not eating exactly the same thing as her is especially difficult as she wants to eat everything that is on my plate.  I guess after a few tantrums she'll learn.

Hopefully these changes alone will make a difference.  I find once you start seeing results, it is much easier to stick to a routine.

On Sunday I went to our local running store and purchased a new sports bra to fit my excessive large breastfeeding cleavage plus some larger size running gear.  There's no going back now...

To provide further motivation I am going to publish my results on here.
There is nothing like the shame of putting on weight from the previous week to spur you into action.

Here are my starting stats.
I will then report back every Monday documenting my weight and my exercise for the week.

Current Weight: 12st 6lbs
BMI: 31.6 (OBESE!!!)

Wish me luck!

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