Saturday, 26 April 2014

Book of The Week - Week 2

This week's book is The Big Animal Mix-Up by Gareth Edwards and Kanako Usai

I first saw The Big Animal Mix-Up on CBeebies Bedtime Hour.
It is not often that a story read on there jumps out at me but this one did.
Even hubby looked up from his computer to follow the story.
It is just so cleverly written!
C was not paying much attention to the television therefore I decided to order the book in from our local library so we could read it together at home.

The book is written in rhyme and tells the story of a confused Daddy Bear wrongly describing various animals to his son who then needs to correct him...

"This is a cat that flies in the air
There are eggs in its nest
It has feathers not hair

That's not the right word
If it's covered in feathers it must be a....
(lift the flap)

The rhythm and repetition across the pages provides a predictability about the story that little ones will love, whilst the inclusion of flaps give the opportunity for the child to guess what animal is really being described before it is revealed by the book.
The mixed up animal illustrations are great fun and help make the story so engaging.


 We loved this book so much that we have now ordered the sequel... The Big Jungle Mix Up

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