Monday, 14 April 2014

Dressing A Boy - Part 2

In July last year, when I was 5 months pregnant, I wrote a post about my thoughts on dressing a boy.
I spoke about my disappointment at the lack of comfortable and flexible clothing out there for boys and asked for advice of brands that did provide the type of clothing I was after.

Here I am, 9 months later, with a 4 month old bouncing baby boy and clothing him is proving an interesting experience.  Not least because of his size!
At his last weigh in baby B was 20lb and he is just growing out of his 6-9 months clothes.
The few 9-12 months clothes I bought him are going to be completely useless as I bought them to fit him next autumn/winter, not spring/summer.  I also bought them with an almost toddler in mind not a young baby.

A lot of baby clothes are only available up to 9 months, with styles more suitable for a toddler starting from 9 months onwards.  Baby B is still very much a baby though.  He is just learning to roll.  I desperately want the clothes he wears to reflect the age he is.

Mostly I either dress him in all-in-ones, leggings or tights.
I love to dress him in bright colours, especially yellow and green.
We have re-used many of C's unisex coloured leggings... who is going to know that a pair of navy leggings are girls and not boys?
I am still constantly on the lookout for new brands and styles but here is a sneak-peak into baby B's current wardrobe...

Lots of bright colours...

Tights for Boys from Slugs and Snails...

Boys leggings from Inda-Bayi...

Currently my favourite purchase is this from Boots Mini Club.
I absolutely love this outfit!
It's bright, bold, fun, comfortable and well just perfect for a 4 month of baby B really!

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