Friday, 24 January 2014

Transitions to a big bed

Tonight I fall asleep worrying about both my babies.

Baby B has a cold and is having trouble breathing. I am so glad he is in a room with us still so I can keep an eye on him... all night if necessary.

C is sleeping tonight for the first time without a sleeping bag since she was a newborn. Last winter I let her sleep with a blanket and a sleeping bag but since the death of Edspire's daughter Matilda Mae from SIDS almost a year ago, I have restricted C to a sleeping bag only.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Baby B's Nap Time

I am becoming increasingly aware that since baby B's arrival I am not spending as much quality time with C as I would like.  Yes I take her to toddler classes 3 days a week which she loves but that isn't really one on one Mummy and C time.  Baby B is yet to be in any type of routine so planning time to do anything when I am home alone with both of them is hard.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Birth Story Mark II

Monday 2nd December had been an emotional day.  C seemed to be being more hard work than normal, however in reality I expect it was just my ability to deal with her which had altered.  I was overdue, tired and uncomfortable.  I had been having lower back pain all morning which I took to mean the baby had moved further into my pelvis, a positive sign!

In the afternoon I had my 2nd acupuncture appointment. This seemed to temporarily make the back pain worse however by the time I went to bed everything was back to normal again.  I woke up at 12am feeling uncomfortable.  I got up and went to the toilet and felt better.  I returned to bed only to wake again at 1am in similar pain.  This time after going to the loo I stayed up to monitor and assess the pain I was in.  Could I be in the early stages of labour?  It was too soon to tell.