Friday, 24 January 2014

Transitions to a big bed

Tonight I fall asleep worrying about both my babies.

Baby B has a cold and is having trouble breathing. I am so glad he is in a room with us still so I can keep an eye on him... all night if necessary.

C is sleeping tonight for the first time without a sleeping bag since she was a newborn. Last winter I let her sleep with a blanket and a sleeping bag but since the death of Edspire's daughter Matilda Mae from SIDS almost a year ago, I have restricted C to a sleeping bag only.

In a couple of weeks we will be transferring C to a big bed. I had told myself that she could stay in her sleeping bag however realistically that is not possible. How is she supposed to get out of bed? I have therefore resigned myself that she will need to be transferred to a duvet. To break her in gently I have bought her a 2.5 tog cuddle suit (basically a sleeping bag with legs) to make sure she is warm and tucked her into bed tonight with a sheet to act as a bed cover. My theory is that if she throws it off, she won't get cold as wearing the cuddle suit, yet the sheet cover will get her used to sleeping (and staying) the right way around in her cot. Finally a sheet is less heavy (and therefore less dangerous) if she does accidently burrow underneath it. 

Despite this mitigation, i shall not be sleeping well tonight

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