Friday, 17 January 2014

Baby B's Nap Time

I am becoming increasingly aware that since baby B's arrival I am not spending as much quality time with C as I would like.  Yes I take her to toddler classes 3 days a week which she loves but that isn't really one on one Mummy and C time.  Baby B is yet to be in any type of routine so planning time to do anything when I am home alone with both of them is hard.

Baby B is most likely to be napping in the early afternoon therefore when C wakes up from her lunchtime nap I am determind to try and set aside an hour to do an activity just me and her.

To keep me motivated I am going to be tweeting about our activities using the hastag #BabyBsNapTime.  

Today we made fairy cakes.  C is still a bit young to really get hands on with the mixing and baking but she really enjoyed decorating the finished cakes... and eating as many decorations as made it on to the cake!

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