Friday, 15 November 2013

We Love Hatley!

I am not a particularly "label" orientated Mummy.
If I am honest I am much more interested in a good bargain than a particular look or brand.
I do however have one weakness... Hatley.
Hatley is an Canadian clothing brand, most well known for its distinctive style of children's rain gear and pyjamas.

I was introduced to Hatley by a friend when C was 6 months old.  "Be careful though", she said, "it can get addictive", and boy was she right!!!  Hatley do not sell directly in the UK, but their items are sold in department stores and in small childrenswear boutiques .  Full price Hatley items are, in my opinion, expensive, especially as at this age they grow out of clothes so quickly.  I have however found that many of the online children's clothing boutiques run regular promotions and if you keep your eyes peeled you can often pick up a good bargain!  I have also picked up a few second hand items on Ebay still in excellent condition.

Catering for both boys and girls, C and I love the bold, fun, often animal themed patterns on all their items.  More importantly the rain gear is hard wearing, waterproof and warm.  Although only described as a raincoat, C wore hers all winter last year and was plenty warm enough.  The same applies to the rain bundlers.

In her current 18-24 month wardrobe C has 6 pairs of Hatley pyjamas, a Hatley raincoat and a Hatley rain bundler.  I have also bought her a Hatley dressing grown to give her at Christmas.
There is currently also at least one Hatley sleepsuit in blue bump's chest of drawers awaiting his arrival.

If you are won over as much as I am by all things Hatley, here is a list of a few of the UK online retailers I have come across that sell Hatley, although I am sure there are others.

Adams Kids
Dolls and Dragons
John Lewis
Juicy Tots
Little Sunflowers
Milly Mog 
Strawberry Daydreams
Wellies and Worms

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