Tuesday, 26 November 2013

40 Weeks Pregnant - Term plus 2

Today I had my 40 week appointment with the midwife.  I had great hopes for this appointment.  I hoped to be told that baby was fully engaged.  I hoped to be offered a sweep to get things moving and probably slightly unrealistically I hoped my waters would break then an there and I'd go into labour ;-)

As it was, my normal midwife was on leave.  I always find it harder to get on the same wave length as this replacement.  She checked my urine and blood pressure which were fine.  She then examined my bump.  Bump was measuring bang on 40 weeks and his heart rate was fine.  Interestingly her opinion is he is long as he is curved right round my chest and down the other side.  Frustratingly I was still apparently 3/5th engaged.  As standard they do not offer a sweep until 41 weeks and they don't recommend doing one earlier as it is not shown to be as effective.  I wasn't offered an internal examination either.  Sigh!

It appears there is little I can do at present but wait.  In theory I don't have a problem with this, I am just desperate not to be induced!  I asked the midwife for her opinion on acupuncture... she was surprisingly very pro.  I have therefore booked myself in for a session on Friday.  I will be 40 weeks plus 5.  Of course there is is always a chance that it won't be needed but I like to feel that I am doing something constructive.  Sitting back and waiting is not my style......

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