Monday, 4 November 2013

A Bedroom Fit for a Toddler

We are about to start work on C's new bedroom so there is room in the nursery for blue bump and more immediately all his clothes.  Cutting it fine I know!  Unfortunately there have been fundermental other areas of DIY that needed completing before we could begin.  C's new bedroom used to be hubby's study and that needed to be moved before we could be begin.  Also upstairs has been completely rewired and replumbed as part of the process.  I have already ordered her carpet and bought the paint, and hubby has already replaced the radiator.  It needs replastering and the wiring needs completing, then we can think about putting it back together.

I am so excited to be creating her a girly room that she can have all to herself.  The nursury is tiny and was difficult to put a stamp on... this room on the other hand has allowed me to be creative.  I want something girly but not too over the top.  I want it to reflect the fact she is stilll very young but don't want something that needs to be redecorated in a couple of years time because she he outgrown the decor.  I guess I am trying to create a room that can grow with her.  Here are a few of the items i've purchased so far...

Not everthing for her room will be new.  I have aquired an old children's wardrobe from my Grandma.  The wardrobe itself has seen better days but I have purchased some fun replacement knobs off ebay which give it a new lease of life.  There will also be a gorgeous wooden chair which was mine when I was little and was made by great grandfather.

Pictures of the finished project will hopefully follow in the not too distant future...

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