Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Taking Control - My Weight Loss Journey

Since the end of April I have lost 3 stone (over 40lbs).
I feel soooo much better for it.
Obviously I feel healthier but I am also a lot happier.
I feel I have claimed a bit of me back again.
I feel I have taken control of my life.

With me and food it really is about who is controlling who.
Since C was born I lost that control and was just treading water to survive.
Every day revolved around her and I had no time for myself.
I ate whatever I could, whenever I could.

Not only did I not lose the baby weight, I actually put on significant additional weight.
The situation stabilised but did not improve after having B.
By the beginning of April this year I was 3.5 stone over my pre IVF weight and thoroughly miserable.
I was frustrated that there was just no time to exercise with 2 young children and a husband who worked away.

They say you should not rush to lose the baby weight.
You should concentrate on enjoying your baby.
However for me, I was not enjoying being the way I was.
I was depressed and had no energy.
An unhappy mummy is not often a good mummy.

Seeing some photos taken of me over Easter was the final straw.
Something had to be done!
Something that did not require exercise.
Was that even possible?

My knowledge of PCOS and its link to future diabetes led me to one potential solution.
I have linked to it above so you can read more if you wish but I do not want to preach.
Weight loss is a personal journey.

I can be quite determined when I want to be.
If I was going to do this, I was going to throw myself into it.
I did worry that I was being selfish thinking of myself when B was still so young but I was determined that as long as I continued to breastfeed then it should have no impact on him.

5 months have now passed.
I am pleased with my progress.
I can now fit back into the majority of my old clothes again.
I love my old clothes!
It is so nice to be out in my skinny jeans again instead of leggings and a baggy jumper.
I look in the mirror in the mornings and smile for the first time in years.
Friends I have not seen in a few months are amazed.
Most of my Mummy friends, never knew me when I was last this weight.

C has noticed the change to.
She comments on my clothes when I come downstairs in the mornings as she has never seen Mummy looking nice before.
B I hope will never know the unhealthy, unhappy Mummy he once had.
My husband commented last week how pleased he was to have the old me back, both physically and emotionally.
He is usually quite outspoken, but I am so glad he did not put any pressure on me to lose the weight, or even comment that I needed to.
This needed to be my decision and my journey.
Not prompted by somebody else.
I am not a yoyo dieter so I will ensure this weight stays off now.
I control my life, not the other way around.

I was not offered any incentives to write this post.  If you are interested in following my weight loss journey, you can follow me at @LCHFmama on twitter or LCHFMamaUK on Facebook.

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