Wednesday, 10 September 2014

7 Easily Forgotten Holiday Essentials for Babies and Toddlers

This is our 3rd or 4th self catering holiday since we became parents and although I like to think I am getting more organised, there are things (often the same things) that I nearly always forget. Some of them are because I am genuinely surprised the cottage doesn't supply them and others because they are things I forget we even use!

After this time around, I have decided to write myself a list so I can refer back to it when packing for our next holiday.

Here is my top 7 things (i couldn't think of 10) most easily forgotten when packing for a self catering holiday with a baby and/or toddler:

1) Cot Bedding

Most self catering accomodation supply bedding, and a large number will supply a cot, however none that I have found supply cot bedding. Because I don't need to pack bedding for the rest of the family, this is something I nearly always forget! 

2) Non-Slip Bath Mat

This is such a fundermental part of our bathroom that I always forget that these aren't a standard part of any bathroom.
I also forget how slippery baths are without them!

3) Night Light

To be honest I forget we even used a night light in the children's bedrooms until C howled on the first night of this holiday because the room was pitch black once we turned the light out. She has had to sleep with the main light on each night as we cannot find a local shop (both in and out of the resort) that sells them.  I am sure this means she is not getting as restful a nights sleep as she could be.

4) Hand Blender

Genuine mistake on my part. I never expected this to be included but forgot ours therefore B has (quite happily) had to have finger food all this week. Luckily he is very adaptable and will eat whatever you put in front of him

5) Black Out Blind

Alternatives include spare sheets or a flattened cardboard box.  You don't realise what a difference a black out blind makes to your childrens' bedroom until you no longer have one. Light mornings and thin curtains mean unsocially early wakeups!

6) Bed Guard

C's toddler bed has a built in bed guard therefore we do not own a separate one.  We definately need to add one (or two) to our shopping list for holidays as this time we have had to line dining chairs up against the sides of C's bed to stop her falling out.

7) Booster Seat

Finally a slight interloper to the list as we intentionally left this at home. I now wish we hadn't. I am sure part of the reason C has been playing up at meal times is because she is not tall enough to reach her plate well enough. We have tried using a cushion but she wiggles and either her or the cushion tends to end up falling off the chair!

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