Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pre-Natal Anxiety - Coping With Being a Mummy of 2

I am getting increasingly anxious about blue bumps arrival.
Only 7/8 weeks to go officially.... or as little as 3 if C is anything to go by!
At 32 weeks pregnant I am starting to find days at home with a young toddler a challenge.
The fault is not hers, I am just not as mobile as I want to be and I tire easily.
Getting out of my seat to help her with a task takes effort.
Sitting on the floor to play is uncomfortable.
Simple tasks like preparing meals and washing clothes are exhausting
and keeping my eyes open past 2pm is a struggle.
I find myself hoping the last few weeks of this pregnancy pass quickly...
...but then I think about the new challenges that will bring and I am terrified.

I will have help when the new baby arrives.
More help than I have now.
Hubby has the whole on December off work as he has only taken one week of leave so far this year.
My Mum will also take a week off directly after the birth.

However come the New Year I will be on my own.
Not just 7 'til 7 but all day and all night at least 3 days a week.
It is the tiredness that worries me the most.
I know how run down I felt for the first 12 weeks after C's birth.
Yet I could sleep in til gone 9 every morning, nap when I wanted and go to bed straight after dinner.
This time around I will not have that luxury.
How am I going to be able to function?
How am I going to continue to be able to be a proper Mummy to C?
How am I going to avoid slipping into the depression I felt last time?
It is this that is making me so anxious.

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