Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Monster Baby Shower

Last weekend C and I attended a toddler Halloween party arranged with our group of friends from one of the baby groups I attended.  As a group we did one last year too, when C was 9 months old.  Now the majority of the Mummies are back at work, we look forward to occasions like these where we can get together on a weekend and have a catch up.

I am the first of the group to be expecting baby no. 2, however two of the other Mummies are pregnant, one of them due just 2 weeks after me.

                                                                                                                Halloween 2012 (left) and 2013 (right)

When we arrived, it appeared all was not exactly how it first seemed   My lovely friends had turned the Halloween party into a Monster themed baby shower for me and the other nearly due Mummy.

Although talked about, I never had a baby shower when pregnant with C so this was an exciting novelty!  I was really quite touched.

First of we had a baby themed quiz to do in pairs with multiple choice answers.  Twitter and plenty of online research has left me reasonably clued up of baby facts and our pair came joint first. :-)

Next was a sweepstake to guess the "vital stats" of both babies: date and time of birth, weight, hair colour etc.  Everyone had an entry for both babies, including us expectant Mummies.  This was actually quite hard doing it for my own baby. When do I think he is going to arrive?  What do I think he will look like?  I currently have no clue when blue bump will make an appearance.  My gut says before 40 weeks but not much before but that might just be wishful thinking!  I guess I am expecting him to look like C, blonde hair even at birth, blue eyes.  I think I might actually be a bit unnerved if he comes out dark haired, it just had not crossed my mind until then.  Interesting how a harmless game makes you stop and think.

This was followed by a very silly game which involved a small plastic baby frozen in an ice cube.  The aim was to melt the ice cube and "birth" the baby as quickly as possible.  I was useless at this although it provided lots of giggles!

Finally was another quiz to guess the celebrities from their baby photos.  All of us obviously spend too much time reading celebrity gossip magazines as quite a few of us got them all right.

As well as the usual spread of food that we all contributed to, there were also some wonderful Halloween and baby themed cupcakes provided by a friend of one of the mummies.  Not only brilliantly decorated, they were also truly delicious!

At the end, we were both presented with a "Mum to Be" hamper containing lots of goodies for a good old pampering in the weeks ahead.

A truly wonderful afternoon! <3

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