Monday, 30 September 2013

32 Weeks Pregnant - Packing My Hospital Bag

Another week has gone by.
Right from the beginning of this pregnancy I said I would pack my hospital bag at 32 weeks.
Here I am!

I didn't get to pack my hospital bag with C.... I'm not sure running round the house grabbing a few essentials before a mad dash to the hospital really counts.
For a first baby which are "always late", I thought 36 weeks would be plenty early enough... of course it was not.
This time I was determind to be more prepared!

I have started to make a list of the items we will need.
I have divided it into things for myself, things for the baby and things for my husband.

Mummy Daddy Baby
Phone Charger Laptop 4 x Sleepsuit
Phone with music Camera (with charged battery) Mittens
2 x Nightie 4 x Vests
Knickers Baby Wipes
Shampoo/Conditioner Hat
Toothbrush/Toothpaste Snowsuit
Sponge Muslins
Hairbrush Nappies
Food/Drink Blanket
Maternity Pads
Breast Pads
Nursing Bra
Going Home Clothes
Hair Straighteners

From my experience last time my 100% must pack item is my phone charger.  My phone was not just my connection point to the outside world while in hospital, it also contained books to read, games to play, music to listen to, and of course a camera.  My one stop shop for getting through labour and birth. Someone now just needs to invent a pain relief app!

What was your must have item? Was there anything you really wish you had packed but didn't?

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