Sunday, 22 September 2013

31 Weeks Pregnant - 4D Scan

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant.  The countdown is really on now as only 9 weeks to go to until my due date.

Hubby and I went for a 4D scan yesterday.  We had a similar scan at 32 weeks with C.
As well as obviously checking all was well with baby, I wanted to check he was still a "he" and I also check his growth as I really feel HUGE this time around.  I know women are often bigger in subsiquent pregnancies compared to their first but I really am quite a lot bigger!

First of all the sonographer had a quick all over check of baby to make sure all was well.  Then she measured baby's head, legs and stomach.  Finally she checked the important area and blue bump is definately still a boy!!!

The sonographer then switched to 4D mode and we were able to get a first proper look at our little boy.  His hands were tightly up against his face so therefore we were not able to get a completely unrestricted view but we were able to see him opening and closing his mouth and his hands moving around.  He moved his hands away from his face slightly, allowing us to get our first clear shot of him.  I felt he looked more baby-like than C did in her scan... I am sure if was just the scan angle.

We then moved on to discussing my measurements.  On average I was measuring 32 weeks and 6 days, so exactly 2 weeks ahead of what I should be.  She estimated that blue bump's current weight was around 4lb 11oz and that his weight as his due date would be between 8.5 and 9lbs.  Obviously I know these are just general estimates and are skewed depending on whether baby has just had a growth spurt.  I have heard of many cases where people are told they are going to have a large baby and it turns out not to be the case.  Either way I think I can cope with a 8.5 to 9lber.  It is bigger than average but not big enough that I need to be considering elective C-Sections I don't think.

I feel now I can really start getting ready for this baby's arrival.  Although we found out at my 20 week scan that baby was probably a boy I had been trying not to go overboard shopping for boy's clothes until we got confirmation at this scan.  We also need to go into the loft and get all C's baby things down and sort through them.  I also need to pack my hospital bag!

With C's early arrival in the back of my mind, I really feel I need to get a move on.  The house is still completely upside down as hubby is still rewiring and replumbing upstairs which concerns me a lot but there is no excuse for not having everything else ready.


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