Thursday, 16 October 2014

National Baking Week

This week is National Baking Week and today sees the launch of my good friend Baked Potato Mummy's new #LittleChefs linky.

As her blog name suggests, Lucy loves to bake and this new linky is all about having fun in the kitchen with your little ones.

With two under 3, I have little time for baking and my continuing drive to lose the baby weight has made me shy away from making anything remotely unhealthy that I might be tempted to eat.
With hubby away who do you think is going to eat 10 out of the dozen cupcakes or biscuits we bake? You guessed it... Moi!

Lucy then pointed out that I didn't need to actually "bake" anything.  Just getting out one or two digestive biscuits and having fun icing them was a great activity in itself.
Stupidly, this option had never even crossed my mind!  And of course she was right.

So yesterday afternoon while B was having his afternoon nap I whipped up some glace icing (this took approximately 2 minutes), retrieved a handful of rich tea fingers from the biscuit tin (we didn't have any digestives), and dug out some treats to decorate them with.

In less than 5 minutes we were all set up and ready to go.

It amazed me the improvement in C's dexterity since we last baked together and she confidently smoothed the icing onto the biscuits.  She then took great pride in decorating each biscuit, not attempting to sneak any of the treats into her mouth.  I was very impressed!

From washing our hands at the beginning to again at the end, the whole activity took less than 15 minutes. 
C then enjoyed one of the biscuits with her tea that evening.
Apparently it was yummy but so far I have resisted the other 3 sat on the worksurface.

Today was a lesson to me... There is always time for a little bit of fun in the kitchen.

I'm linking this post up with Baked Potato Mummy #LittleChefs. 

BakedPotato Mummy

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  1. I'm so glad you tried this out and both enjoyed it! Those biscuits look brilliant! Well done for resisting them :)
    Thank you so much for the mention and for linking up with #LittleChefs xx