Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Finally the Swing is Up!

In the Summer we bought an Action play house and slide for the garden.  We also bought a swing frame.
The playhouse and slide were erected immediately and we have had great fun with it over the past few months.
Due to one thing and another, the swing has sat in its boxes since then.
Finally, last weekend we got around putting it together.
Typically, just in time for the end of the good weather!

The swing frame is a Galahad swing from Action.
It consists of 2 dual rope swings and a metal frame duo swing seat.

As I have said before, our garden has been all about creating a halcyon childhood for our children.
I did not have a swing in my garden as a child and it is something I always wanted for my own children.
I especially love the idea of the duo swing which they can play on together.
As an only child for the majority of my childhood, having a sibling close and age to play in the garden with is something I never experienced.

After building the frame we decided to upgrade the swing seats to a baby swing for B and a wraparound seat for C.  The original setup was fine for slightly older children but the new seats work better for us with a young family.  From his new "throne" B has an excellent view across the garden and will happily sit there, swinging gently, watching his older sister running around.

I must confess I have spent a few moments on the swing myself.
Sometime watching C run around, sometimes just enjoying the peace and quiet of the garden.  Both equally fulfilling.
I can see this being a much loved part of our garden for many years.

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  1. This will get so much use for many years and the upgrade looks well worth it too. My children still use the Coombe Mill play areas now even though you would think they were too old at 10! Handy for a bit of fresh air on a dry but chilly winter day too. Happy swinging and thank you for joining me on Country Kids.