Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Up and Away! - Walking at 10 Months

B was a big baby at 9lb 10oz.
He was also 10 days overdue.
Every since his birth I feel he has been in a rush to grow up.
To catch up on those 10 missed days... and a few more!
He was in 0-3 months clothes from the start.
By 6 months he was in 12-18 months clothes.
I wondered if his size would hinder his movement but instead it has brought him superior strength.
At just turned 7 months he started to crawl, and before he was 8 months he was walking round the furniture!
My baby was not a little baby for long.

Today he walked!
At 10 months and 18 days (or 46 weeks) he just let go and went!
I guess I expected more warning but other than a couple of steps once last week there was very little.

I am proud, scared and a little sad.
Proud that my beautiful, clever, big boy has achieved a major milestone so early
Scared because being a Mummy of 2 is about to take on a whole new dimension.
And sad because what is probably my last baby will soon no longer be one.

Every Mummy says their children grow up too fast but with B I have felt it all the more.

Despite my mixed emotions, I know this new chapter will be just as exciting.
There will be so much more we can do together as a family without a "babe in arms", and C & B's relationship will blossom as B is able to become more involved in activities.

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  1. Well done B! I totally agree with you about being both sad and proud at the same time. I miss all the baby things about Potato at the same time as loving all the toddler things. Life is certainly going to become even more wonderfully hectic now!