Thursday, 11 July 2013

Dressing A Boy

So yesterday we found out we are expecting a little boy.
I am trying not to go overboard buying too many things at this stage as there is still a long way to go however I am aware that many companies are currently running their Summer Sales and therefore I am keeping an eye out for any good bargains.

The thing that has always struck me about boys clothes is how uncomfortable many of them look.  In my opinion babies and toddlers need plenty of flexibility for sitting, rolling, crawling and eventually walking and should not be couped up in stiff jeans and inflexible waste bands.  Little girls are lucky as they have the option of both tights and leggings but where is the alternative for boys?

I was made aware of a company called Slugs and Snails, who make tights for boys, by mummy blogger Jennie at Edspire in this post last year.  These will be one of the first things on my purchase list for my new little one.

I would be very interested to hear what other brands or types of clothing you can recommend for ultimate comfort and flexibility for boys....


  1. We kept our boy in babygros for a long time. So comfy and also good for lightly protecting little knees. I think therw is less pressure to 'dress' boys up. They are really going to be stuck in jeans for their whole life, leave them in the stretchy stuff for a while. Although now when he gets dressed he wants 'jeans, like daddy', he was very excited for his first belt to be more like daddy. Also when he started teething the dribble was awful and he wouldn't keep anything round his neck. A football shirt was a saviour, held the dribble without aggravating his skin, life saver. Look our for them when the kits change, cheap then!! Scan for baby 2 for us today, nervous, but excited. Xx

  2. They sell loads of soft dungarees, and the look super cute, many even have feet in them which was great for winter; our little boy lived in them till they stopped making them for his size. He now lives in jogging bottoms or soft shorts, haven't put Jeans anywhere near him yet as I know he'd be uncomfortable!

  3. We love the really cute boy's leggings with the fun motifs on the bum. We got our first pair at the Baby & Toddler show and the got loads more online when we find out how great they were