Wednesday, 10 July 2013

20 Weeks Pregnant

This week I am 20 weeks pregnant and today was my Anomaly Scan.
My appointment was at 4pm, the latest I have ever had scan, which meant a long wait beforehand.

I suspected by this time there would be a long delay to be seen however it was actually only about 20 minutes.  We made the wise decision to leave C with my parents as a fractious, hungry toddler would not make for a pleasant experience.
We were ushered into the room and informed that there would be two sonographers carrying out the scan, one trainee, one trainer.  This was fine with us and the trainee began the scan.

Baby was positioned head down (already!) and with it's spine along my right hand side.  The sonographer started at the baby's spine, which looked fine, and then moved down to the baby's head.  Apparently the baby's head was so low in my pelvis that she was unable to get a clear view of check it's brain.  She therefore handed over to the other sonographer.  It was extremely uncomfortable while this sonographer podded and poked around, but most importantly everything was fine in that department too.

Next the sonographer moved down the baby's body (up my belly) checking all of the internal organs and limbs.  Again all fine.

 Baby foot                                               

Finally she asked me if we wanted to know the sex.  Hubby and I had already discussed at length that we would find out, however I gave a quick glance in his direction to make sure he was happy before agreeing to proceed.  At this point the trainee piped up that she already had a very good idea what it was from what she had seen earlier.  The other sonographer moved the wand around to get a clear look, which wasn't easy as baby had its legs tightly curled up to its body.  She then compared notes with the trainee and both agreed that baby was more than likely a BOY!

I sneaked a look at hubby.  I knew that the idea that we were having a boy would take him a while to get used to.  It's not that he didn't want one.... he is as concerned for a happy, healthy baby as I am.  However he feels that after having C, then a girl would have been more of a known quantity.  A boy is a scary prospect ;-)  He'll be fine, I know he will.  He just needs a few days (or weeks) to get used to the idea.

All baby's measurements are within the expected limits and my estimated due date remains the 24th November.  My only concern is that with baby head down and low in my pelvis already, what are the chances of me making it that far?  I have an appointment with the Midwife next week therefore I will discuss my concerns with her then.

It's now 5 hours later and I have had time to digest the news. Wow! A boy!  I feel very blessed to be able to experience one of each, however I honestly had no preference either way.  For me there were pros (and cons) of either.  I now have so much to think about.  Yes, some of C's clothes with pass as unisex, especially in the early days, however there is no doubt that this new baby will need more new clothes than if he was a "she", and in the long run his own bedroom.  I am so excited for what the future holds though.  I need to get planning!

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