Wednesday, 31 July 2013

5 Minute Meals - Chicken Tikka and Wholegrain Pilau Rice

Meal 1 in my experiment to find healthy, 5 minute meals for new mums.


  • Look What We Found - Staffordshire Chicken Tikka - Serves 1
  • Tilda - Wholegrain Pilau Rice - Serves 2

Nutritional Information:

  • Combined Fat - 28.2g - Medium
  • Combined Salt - 2.075g Medium
  • Combined Calories - 527
  • Does not include 1 of your 5 a day.

How long did it take to prepare/cook?:

  • Chicken Tikka - 2 minutes in microwave - 1 minute standing
  • Rice - 2 minutes in microwave
  • Total time - 4 minutes (as chicken is standing while rice is cooking) 


Not the healthiest meal option due to lack of vegetables and high fat content in the sauce however fine not too often.  Extremely quick to prepare/cook and surprisingly tasty.  Chicken Tikka definitely feels like you are getting a higher quality product than an equivalent tinned meal as chicken is free range.  Already a long time fan of Tilda microwave rice and love that it is also available in (healthier) brown basmati options.  Good option if cooking for one.

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