Friday, 15 March 2013

28 Weeks Pregnant

Can't believe it's been 5 weeks since my last post... time is definately passing.
Last week (28 weeks pregnant) was my most comprehensive antenatal appointment so far.
Firstly I had routine bloods taken (I should get the results at next antenatal appointment).
Then I had my Anti D injection - as I have Rh -ve blood (
They will test the baby's umbilical cord once she is born. If she is Rh +ve then I will get another Anti D injection.

Finally I had my standard pregnancy checkup.
My urine was tested - that was all normal.
Blood Pressure  - normal
Fetal Heartrate checked - 150bpm (same as last time)
Bump measured - on target!
Baby's position checked (quite an uncomfortable process) - She's head down already apparently!

All this equals happy midwife which means reassured me! :-)

Midwife asked if I was feeling well in myself. Generally I am doing really good. My biggest problem is pelvic pain.
I'm getting stabbing pains down my legs and sometimes they feel really weak.  This is all normal as far as I can tell but slightly disconcerting when your legs feel like they are going to give way underneath you!  I've restricted myself to just doing front crawl when swimming as have read that breast stroke can exacerbate pelvc pain.
My hands are also hyper-sensitive at the moment and seem to get irritated really easily.  From what I have read, the cause is probably soap and the answer is to wash them less, however when you are trying to keep extra sanitised for baby's sake then that is not as easy as it sounds!
My next antinatal checkup is at 32 weeks. Hopefully that should come around quite quickly.
I then get checkups every 2 weeks until baby arrives!!!

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