Friday, 15 March 2013

22 Weeks Pregnant

Probably my most productive midwife visit to date (ok, i've only had 3).
FINALLY got my NT blood results taken at my 13 week scan.
The risk of the baby having Down Syndrome is 1:19711 - I think I would consider that low risk ;-)
She prodded my (now expanding) bump and measured the fetal heartrate. Both were fine.
My blood pressure and urine analysis were also fine.
So in summary ALL FINE :-)
I was booked in to have my Anti D (as have Rhesus -ve blood) and next midwife appointment on 3rd January.

I've passed half way now but March still feels like an eternity away. Not entirely sure how I am going to get through the next 4 months.
We picked up a load of baby bits from hubby's cousin last week but I have hidden them in the (soon to be) baby room and shut the door. I am not ready to start properly planning yet, I still feel like I would be tempting fate.
Eventually (some time after Christmas) I will have to take the plunge and sort out the nursury etc. but not just yet...

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