Friday, 15 March 2013

23 Weeks Pregnant

A Difficult Week

Waist: 35 inches (that's a 7 inch increase from pre-pregnancy)

By the end of week 22 I was feeling more confident about things than I have in a while.  This was helped mostly by the significant increase in baby movement which could put my mind at rest.  Sunday morning I had a lie in and just lay there feeling the baby bopping around. It was amazing :-)
Since then however, I have felt a significant change/decrease in fetal movement.
All the medical information I have read suggested to drink a glass of cold water, lay on your side (both of which are meant to stimulate fetal movement) and count the number of movements in the next hour.  Anything in excess of 10 movements in this hour is considered to suggest everything is fine.
For the past 2 days I have done this and I HAVE felt more the 10 movements therefore theoretically everything should be fine however the change from last week is disconcerting.  Further online reading has suggested this may be caused by the baby having moved position and kicking into my back rather than kicking forward. I suspect this is highly probable however obviously can not be confirmed without a scan.
Speaking to my twitter buddies has indicated that a quiet couple of days is comon however I think it is safe to assume that I will never relax until my little girl arrives safe and well.... and even then I will probably be worrying for the next 18 years :-)

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