Friday, 15 March 2013

13-19 Weeks Pregnant

Another black hole period where I was left to my own paranoia.
To help I bought myself a doppler (fetal heartrate monitor) which, although took me a little bit of time to perfect, proved so reassuring!!!
At 16 weeks I had a midwife's appointment. This was a bit of a non event. They check baby's heartbeat (which I obviously knew was ok) and went through my blood results from the NT scan. All the standard bloods were fine however they have managed to lose my crucial NT blood results therefore could not give me my Downs risk ratio.  I consoled myself with the reassurance that the lab would have rung me if there was an issue.
I asked about getting a flu jab as was under the impression this was to be given to all pregnant women. The response I got back was surprising. Instead of saying it was a good idea, the midwife instead suggested I went away and did my own research on the internet first.
This was obviously a stupid suggestion as within 5 minutes on the internet when I can home I found loads of information linking the vacination to miscarriage and stillbirth.  I now felt out in an impossible position. Did I risk the baby by not having the flu jab or did I risk the baby by having the flu jab?????
Some reassuring words from my twitter followers encouraged my to get it done, however I waited until I was 19 weeks so that I would be reassured at my 20 week scan that all was ok.

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