Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What one baby item would you not be without?

This is mine:

I bought my Tenvis IP video camera on ebay for around £30. Was definately the best £30 I have ever spent in my life.

We live in an older property and everything in the house squeaks. Doors, stairs, floorboards, everything. Once C was 12 weeks old and i started putting her in a proper bedtime routine in her cot upstairs I found I was continually disturbing her by constantly squeaking my way upstairs to check she was ok. The whole process was counter productive.

After googling for a bit i came across these monitors.  Originally developed as surveillance camaras they use your internal house wireless or wired internet connection to convey the imagine to an IP address that can be viewed on your house laptop, pc or even iPhone.  The camera pivots to allow you to pan across the whole room rather than focussing on a fixed point.  Finally if your internet setup allows, you can set the image up to be received from a externallly assessible url (with password). 

The latter of the features listed above seemed of little use to be as never planning on leaving my baby unattemded in the house. I have however found 2 key uses.

1) Excellent for having a quick sneaky check on baby while out on a date night or with friends.

2) Excellent if up the top of the garden cleaning out the chickens where the wireless reception does not quite reach.

The importance of this camera increased dramatically just before C's 1st birthday. My friend Jennie's (Edspire) 9 month old daughter died of SIDS. She went to sleep one evening and did not wake up. Since that day my IP camera has become my new best friend. For the 1st two or three nights afterwards my husband did not sleep at all and just stayed up working while watching the video monitor. Even now 5 months on i check it all the time. It is my reassurance. A couple of times i have seen her wedge her face against the breathable cot bumper and have gone in and moved her as a result.

I definately will be purchasing another for blue bump's room when the time comes

My only problem now is knowing when to "let go" and remove it. Maybe when she is 18? Lol. Research shows the SIDS is pretty much non existant after 2 years old so maybe in about a year...

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  1. Great post!
    You'll probably have to let go earlier than you'd thought. Children will develop their own sense of private zone at an early age of 3. But it's still a good option to keep an eye on the house and dog. :)