Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Our First Attempt at Moon Sand

So this afternoon C and I played with moon sand in the garden.
Well, Mummy played with moon sand while C pottered around, played with the rabbit and guinea pigs and generally just enjoyed being outside.
This is the first time I have made moon sand, yet I was pleasantly pleased with the results.  For this first attempt I used Sunflower Oil in case C decided to taste it but I needn't have worried.
C is still not a huge fan of messy play and does not really enjoy getting her hands dirty, however she did show an interest in the sand and stuck her hands in it in between watching me build sandcastles and shapes.
She enjoyed knocking down the sandcastles I built and was intrigued by the fish and boat shapes i made with the moulds.  The moulds were part of a beach set that I had when I was a little girl and are still going strong!
Mummy found the moon sand very therapeutic and played with it for hours while watching C potter around.

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