Saturday, 4 May 2013

It has to be a Girl

DH is convinced this new baby will be a girl. He has numerous theories for this:

  1. We only BDd once that cycle, about 3 days before ovulation.  There are various theories that "girl" sperm can survive longer than "boy" sperm, while "boy" sperm can swim faster. The Shettles Method suggests if you BD just before ovulation you are more likely to have a boy as this sperm gets to the egg faster, while if you only BD a few days before ovulation, only the "girl" sperm has survived to fertilise the egg.
  2. C is a girl and as his sperm has a low count and low morphology, he thinks the only good ones must be "girls".
  3. Some men and more likely to have girls, others boys. The fact he has fathered one girl statistically increase the odds of him fathering another.
  4. He is used to C and can't imagine having a boy :-)
Is he talking sense or in cloud cuckoo land?.... watch this space... 

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