Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Mile in Memory of Matilda Mae


Today I watched a Mummy walk a mile
No Mummy should have to tread
A mile in memory of her daughter
Who is now 3 months dead.

It was a beautiful walk through the bluebells
With family and friends at her side
But a walk underpinned with sadness
For a baby girl who died.

Today i watched many others walk a mile
Braving the threat of rain
To raise valuable funds for more research
In the hope this never happens again.

They sang and blew bubble kisses
Which floated away up high
To show that they'd not forgotten
The brightest new star in the sky.

Today I walked a mile
To also show this Mummy I care
To show her that through the weeks and months ahead
I will continue to be there.

Our children are such a precious gift
Cherish them every minute of every day
And please take a few moments
To remember beautiful Matilda Mae.


Jennie and her fellow mummy bloggers have organised an online auction to raise funds for The Lullaby Trust in Matilda's memory.  The auction started at 11am today and will run for 9 days.  Further details can be found here and a direct link to the items in Ebay can be found here


  1. Beautiful poem! It sums up how beautifully sad the day was.