Sunday, 2 February 2014

Advice Wanted: Being a Mummy of Two

I am finding being a Mummy of 2 hard going.
I did not expect it to be any other way.
I am beginning to understand where the problems lie.
I do not however know how to solve them.

C is now 23 months old, an animated, demanding toddler.
B is now 8 weeks old, he eats a lot, sleeps a lot and also cries a lot.
When he cries I find it hard to concentrate on anything.
A perfectly normal Mummy reaction.
Our baby's cries are supposed to evoke a primal instinct to nuture them.
It is supposed to drive us mad so we soothe them.
God help anyone who tries to talk to me while I am trying to soothe B.
I cannot concentrate on anything else, let alone hold a conversation until he is quiet and generally I bite their head off.
This also applies to poor C, who gets the forefront of my wrath.
Afterwards I feel terrible .

I've tried talking to DH about it but his reaction was "well don't get stressed"
Gee! Helpful!
I'm therefore reaching out to you guys.
How can I stop baby B's crying getting me so stressed I end up being a nightmare Mummy to C?

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  1. I don't have a whole lot of practical advice I'm afraid, given I only have the one. I was wondering though, have you tried wearing B more? That way, he might be more easily soothed and you can focus on C when she needs your attention too. I have a couple of wraps if you would like to borrow one rather than the carrier. I found them more comfy for prolonged wearing.
    Also happy to come over for a sanity break whenever you need xx