Wednesday, 15 April 2015


So I guess you are probably all wondering where I have been hiding for the past 4 months?
Since B turned 1 in December I have returned to work 25 hours a week.  I am very fortunate to be able to work from home and after a couple of months of searching I have found a lovely nanny who looks after C and B in our home.

I know I am privileged in both of these respects.  I am never far away from my children.  I can hear them when they are playing downstairs and see them when they are playing in the garden.  I often try to come downstairs at lunchtime so I can eat with them.

I am enjoying being back at work so much more than I thought I would.  I have a new position within my company and am loving the new responsibility which comes with that.  The hours I am working and flexibility of working from home mean I really feel I am getting the best of both worlds at the moment.  Yes, life is busy and sometimes stressful but I am in a much much better place emotionally than I ever way being a Stay At Home Mum.

Hubby is also working from home at the moment, his previous contract that saw him working away Monday to Friday came to an end in February.  This has completely changed the dynamic of family life.  He is so much more engaged and both children are absolutely loving having their Daddy around.  There were a difficult few weeks just after Christmas, which many of you who I talk to on Twitter will be aware of.  It would not be fair to go into more detail on here but there was some tough talking and things appear to be back on the right track.

C and B seem to have grown up so much in the past few months. C's speech has come of leaps and bounds and you can have the most amazing deep and meaningful conversations with her.  B is at a wonderful age.  He is so cheeky and full of life.  His character is really starting to shine through.  He's so much naughtier than C ever was but I love it!!!

You can still find me on Twitter and Instagram most days and although I won't be blogging as regularly as maybe I once was, I still hope to be able to keep you all updated on our adventures.

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