Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Toddlebike Trials 2014 - 6 Weeks On

For the past month C has been taking part in the 2014 Toddlebike Trials.  Our trial period is nearly over therefore I took C out this week so I could document her progress.  We hadn't been out for over a week so I was not sure how competent she would be.

Silly Mummy for doubting my daughter!
C was a pro!
Gliding along, up and down hills that I thought she would protest at.  In fact she insisted she rode her bike for the best part of a mile, despite me reiterating we could stop for a rest whenever she needed.  It was brilliant to see her really enjoying herself and full of smiles!

I took her scooter along as well, so that she had a choice in what she rode, but it didn't get a look in. Any suggestions she swap to her scooter for a change were quickly dismissed, "No Mummy, my ride my bike!"

Any concerns I had that she might be too tall for the bike have been put to rest.  She just needed to find the right technique!  I am pretty confident that C will be able to comfortably use the bike until her 3rd birthday in the Spring, and will continue to post pictures to our Pinterest board.  Hopefully this opportunity has improved her confidence enough that moving to the next stage will be a much smoother transition for her.  C finds new challenges difficult, so anything that helps lessen them can only be a good thing!

So what's next for our Toddlebike?
Some healthy competition by the looks of it...

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