Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Potty Training - Three Weeks On

It has now been three weeks since we started potty training.

In the first few days since my last post we didn't seem to be making much improvement.
C seemed to have a problem emptying her whole bladder in one go which meant we were up and down from the potty every 10 minutes doing a trickle at the time.  This was making her resistant to sitting of the potty, which in turn was resulting in accidents because she did not want to sit on it.
At this rate I could see us not being able to leave the house for the foreseeable future!
I am assuming this is all part of them learning to control their bladder however it was a problem I had not foreseen.

On day 8 however, exactly one week since we started, we had a breakthrough!
Every time C needed the potty she communicated clearly that she needed to go, and we had no accidents.
She even stayed dry during daytime nap.
In fact we haven't had a single accident since!
We have had less, more productive, potty trips, which means C is obviously getting better control of her bladder.
She has learnt to wee on demand before we leave the house.
We have even managed a 2 hour car journey with one loo stop at the motorway services en route.
I am so impressed with how well she has done!

We are still struggling a bit with "number 2s" but from what I have read that is totally normal so I am just going to go with the flow with that one.

I expected communication to be an issue due to her speech delay however she soon picked up the words "wee" and "poo" (even though she does sometimes get confused about which one she actually needs), and will be quite vocal when she needs to go.
I would strongly advise anyone in a similar position to not assume speech delay will hold your child back.  If they are mentally ready then they will find a way to communicate that they need to go!

As part of our potty training adventure we were offered some Dry Like Me training pads to review.
The pads add an absorbent layer to your child's pants to help reduce the challenges and stress of potty training.
They can be worn at the front or the back of the pants depending of whether you would like to catch wees or poos.
I have always been against pull ups as I feel they may hold a child back however these pads seem the perfect compromise.

As we were just starting out, I opted for the "early days" pads which are slightly more absorbent than the standard.  Each box contains 14 pads and comes with a handy pouch to transport them in.

I have deliberately tried not to rely on them too much at home as I wanted C to get used to the feeling of pants and the sensation of needing the toilet, however I have found them invaluable peace of mind for car trips when you don't want to risk an accident en route somewhere.
As it is, C has never tested them fully.as she has never had a accident while wearing them.

I have therefore tested the pads using water.
It was actually quite an interesting experiment to see how much water a single pad could hold.  The answer is about half a tumbler, which should be enough to contain the majority of accidents.
The pad expand to just over a centimetre in thickness at maximum absorption which should be enough to make the child realise what has happened yet keeping them (and the car/furniture) mostly dry.

Once full, the pads can easily by removed from the pants using the tabs at either end.

Although we did not get as much use out of these pads as I thought we might, the times we have used them have allowed as more freedom than I would have been brave enough to give otherwise.
I expect they will come into their own again when we take the nappy off at night.... I may leave that next adventure for a few months time though!

Disclaimer: We were given 4 packs of Dry Like Me "Early Days" Training Pads for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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